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Our Other Services

Our center offers the most exciting advanced medical therapies to treat your hair and skin.

Hair RemovalWith the Vectus Cooling Laser Hair removal system, we can quickly treat large and sensitive areas. While we spend most of our time restoring hair, rest assured we can remove unwanted hair too! Learn more here.

Non-invasive fat meltingWith the SculpSure system, we can use non-invasive laser based applicators to target and remove fat without any downtime. Some popular areas include the abdomen, love handles, and under the chin. Read more here.

Tattoo Removal: With the most effective tattoo removal system on the market, combined with our numbing technique, we offer the fastest and most comfortable way to remove an unwanted tattoo. Reach more here.

Laser FacialsWith Picosecond technology we offer a no downtime, virtually painless, laser treatment to keep your skin healthy. This treatment is great for improving upon discoloration, acne scarring, as well as addressing fine lines/wrinkles. We offer a monthly membership to keep your skin in top shape. Read more here.

Low Level Laser (LLL)While there are many forms of LLL currently available, most are over the counter and have very few (4-10) laser diodes. We recommend the professional grade home system that has a sufficient number of diodes and FDA evidence to back its claims. LLL can be used for hair maintenance to keep your hair thick. To read more click here.

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