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ARTAS Hair Studio®

With ARTAS Hair Studio, Dr. Rome can create a 3D simulation of your expected results after a robotic procedure. This powerful tool allows you and Dr. Rome to develop the best plan for a successful treatment.

We offer expert hair restoration using Artas

Robotic Site Making is Here

Did you know not all ARTAS robots are the same? Similar to how your iPhone or Android phone has software and hardware updates, so does the ARTAS robot. Many centers still run their robot with an older OS and older hardware and therefore not capable of performing the most recent advances in Robotic Hair Restoration. We are running the most recent robotic OS (9x) which allows for greater dynamic range for harvesting as well as advanced recipient site making technology. We are proud to be one of the first and select few centers who offer robotic site making in addition to harvesting with the system. We also offer robotic site making at no extra charge with our“Fill-the-Area” model. When you have an ARTAS consult, you should ask what OS they run, as well as if they provide robotic site making.

Recipient Site Making

So what exactly is robotic recipient site making? After Dr. Rome creates your hair plan and design with you in the ARTAS Hair Studio application, he will export it to the ARTAS system which will aid him in creating the recipient sites for the harvested grafts to be placed. Advanced algorithms are used to determine where the recipient sites are created to provide the best possible aesthetic outcome while identifying and avoiding your existing hairs. Through the computer interface, Dr. Rome controls hair angles, hair density, hair distribution and hair direction parameters to provide a completely natural result with the least risk to your existing hairs. Not all ARTAS procedures include robotic site making, so it is important to ask your doctor if this will be part of your procedure. We are among the few select sites that perform this additional robotic procedure with our hair transplants.

3D Simulation

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