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ARTAS robotic hair restoration is the newest innovation in the field of hair restoration surgery near Los Angeles. This amazing hair restoration technique uses advanced computing algorithms to choose the best hair transplant grafts during the harvesting process, improving your final results. Keep reading for a few of the answers to your questions about ARTAS robotic hair restoration and how it can benefit you.

How Does ARTAS Work? 
The ARTAS hair transplant procedure uses digital imaging and advanced selection algorithms to choose hair transplant grafts. Because grafts are removed one follicle at a time, there is no need for traditional “strip surgery” prior to hair restoration, meaning no linear scar. Once the desired number of follicles are removed using one-millimeter “punches” that require no stitches, your hair doctor will implant them in the desired areas by hand to complete the surgery.

Why Is ARTAS Better? 
ARTAS robotic hair restoration offers many advantages over other hair restoration surgery options. First, there is no scarring and no removal of any skin during the procedure. Unlike “hair plugs,” which often yield uneven results, the hair restoration achieved by ARTAS looks completely natural and requires no styling restrictions after hair surgery. Other benefits of ARTAS include very little downtime, minimal discomfort, and a recovery period of only one to two days. In addition, manual follicular unit extraction (FUE) is subject to fatigue by the provider, which can cause transections of follicles- making them not viable for implantation. However, with robotic FUE fatigue is never an issue!

How Long Does ARTAS Take? 
The length of your ARTAS hair transplant procedure will depend on several factors, including the size of the area that needs attention. Most procedures using ARTAS take four to eight hours to complete; hair surgery is performed with local anesthesia while you are seated comfortably. Pre-operative medications are offered to help calm the nerves.

ARTAS robotic hair restoration is a form of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant surgery that yields amazing results you’ll love.