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ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration is a relative newcomer to the hair transplant scene, but it has already changed the way patients and doctors alike view hair loss solutions. ARTAS offers incredibly natural-looking results, with less downtime and scarring than other hair transplant procedures. The precision of the robotic system means patients only require local anesthesia and that they can style their hair any way they want instead of worrying about trying to cover a donor site scar. Here is a look at how the ARTAS system evolved and became a leader in hair restoration surgery.

Early Years

The ARTAS story starts in 2006, when development began on the robotics system. For the next five years, the system underwent a series of rigorous tests to ensure the operation was as precise and safe as possible before it entered the mainstream marketplace. In 2008, ARTAS was introduced at the annual meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, where leaders in the field got their first looks at the future of their industry. By 2011, the multiple rounds of trials and revisions paid off, when ARTAS was awarded FDA clearance and the ability to enter the marketplace. The first ARTAS robotic system for the commercial market shipped the same year.

Building a Following

ARTAS quickly generated interests among hair restoration surgeons and their patients. By the year 2014, 100 robotic units and counting had shipped, and 10 million hairs had been harvested. The accuracy of the surgery and the unmatched patient outcomes continued to expand the number of practices using ARTAS.

Continuing Development

ARTAS continues to evolve with new technologies being added to the system on a regular basis. In 2014, two new features were added. ARTAS Site Making uses advanced algorithms to determine the best placement of harvested hairs, while the ARTAS Hair Studio Application gives patients a 3D simulation of the results they can expect to achieve.

Robotic Hair Restoration Center of Beverly Hills is a leader in ARTAS hair transplant near Los Angeles. Our center offers extremely competitive pricing for the ARTAS procedure, starting at just $6 per graft.