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ARTAS and Neograft are both follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures, but the similarities between these hair loss solutions end there. The state-of-the-art ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration procedure is superior to the handheld Neograft procedure in many ways. For starters, the ARTAS robot provides superior precision graft dissection that is unmatched by manual, handheld techniques. The ARTAS robot does not get tired or wear out. The first extraction is as precise as the thousandth. The ARTAS procedure also uses advanced algorithms to identify only the best hairs for harvesting, whereas the Neograft procedure is dependent on manually selecting grafts from the donor area. There is also less scarring with the ARTAS procedure due to it’s patented blunt dissection, and generally more consistent, uniform results allowing the hair to be worn in any style after the procedure. .

If you are researching hair loss solutions in Los Angeles, contact the Robotic Hair Restoration Center of Beverly Hills to learn more about the ARTAS procedure. Our hair replacement experts will be happy to explain the differences between ARTAS and other hair loss treatments. Our center offers extremely competitive pricing for the ARTAS procedure starting at just $6 per graft! .