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ARTAS robotic hair restoration and NeoGraft are both exciting innovations in the hair restoration field. Yet, NeoGraft falls short in several key areas. Most notably, it’s a handheld system, whereas ARTAS involves image-guided robotic alignment. This means that individuals undergoing hair replacement can rest assured that the grafts will be precisely dissected. Using ARTAS technology for follicular unit extraction means that only the best hairs most suitable for harvesting are extracted. The system uses intelligence algorithms to identify these hairs, while maintaining a uniformly harvested site.

Another key difference between NeoGraft and ARTAS is that ARTAS has its own 3D imaging technology that provides real-time analyses, whereas NeoGraft does not. Additionally, NeoGraft uses a sharp punch for dissection. ARTAS uses a patented blunt punch following a very superficial sharp scoring, which reduces the risk of damage to the hair grafts.

For ARTAS robotic hair restoration serving Los Angeles, you can turn to the Robotic Hair Restoration Center of Beverly Hills. Our center specializes in this procedure and does not perform older procedures such as the strip method. We also offer extremely competitive pricing for the ARTAS Robotic procedure starting at just $6 per graft for a limited time!